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THIRD EYE (2003, Freshsound New Talent Records)

FSNT-1681 1. Source Nature 2. King Neptune 3. Babalou 4. Third Eye 5. Body & Soul 6. Timeless Tale 7. The Cost of Freedom 8. Moment's Joy 9. Stretch Out 10. Colibri All compositions are by PS, except "Body and Soul" by Johnny Green. Phil Stöckli (as, ts on 7, 8) Mike Moreno (g) Pete Rende (p, Fender Rhodes, synth) Matt Penman (b) Jeff Ballard (dr) Matthias Künzli (perc on 1,5,8) Barbara Mendes (voc on 1) THE HORIZON (1999, Brambus Records) 1. The Net (Phil Stöckli) 2. Warm Valley (Duke Ellington) 3. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern) 4. Memories (Alberto Bonacasa) 5. The Horizon (Phil Stöckli) 6. Kafka (Phil Stöckli) 7. One by One (Wayne Shorter) 8. Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love (Charles Mingus) 9. Michel (Alberto Bonacasa) 10. My One And Only Love (Guy Wood) Franco Ambrosetti (flh) Phil Stöckli (as) Alberto Bonacasa (p) Marco Ricci (b) Sebastiaan deKrom (dr)

LENNIES LINE (2006, Altrisuoni)

1. Lennie's Pennies (Lennie Tristano, arr. Michael Beck) 2. Requiem (Lennie Tristano, arr. Michael Beck) 3. Palo-Alto (Lee Konitz, arr. Phil Stöckli) 4. Lennie's Line (Phil Stöckli) 5. 360, South 1st (Phil Stöckli) 6. Subconscious-Lee (Lee Konitz, arr. Phil Stöckli) 7. Topic (Michael Beck) 8. Out of Touch (Michael Beck) 9. Lennie Bird (Lennie Tristano, arr. Phil Stöckli) Phil Stöckli (as, fl) Domenic Landolf (ts, bcl) Michael Beck (p, Fender Rhodes) Andreas Zitz (b) Elmar Frey  (dr) GENERATIONS 2000 - Internationales Jazztreffen Frauenfeld  (2000, Gene Records) Generations Big Band unter der Leitung von Peter Herbholzheimer Dusko Goykovic, Dani Felber, ... (tpt), Brad Leali, Phil Stöckli (as), Roman Schwaller, Thomas Lüthi (ts), Thomas Zoller (bs), Adrian Mears, Samuel Blaser, ... (tbn), Helmut Kagerer (g), Thomas Stabenow (b), Don Friedman (p), Mario Gonzi (dr) With special guests: Romy Camerun (voc), Benny Golson (ts), Dusko Goykovic (tpt, flh) System Band (Haitian Kompa group from New York) "Baton Moise" (2001, Geronimo Records) Isnard Douby, Dely Dieudonné Francois (voc), Réginald Benjamin, Ronald Smith (g), Ernest Vincent (b), Martial Bigaud (congas), Michel Blaise (dr), Albert Leuisnk (tpt), Phil Stöckli (ts, ss), Neal Pawley (tbn) System Band (Haitian Kompa group from New York) "Baton Moise Live" (2001, Geronimo Records) Isnard Douby, Dely Dieudonné Francois (voc), Réginald Benjamin, Ronald Smith (g), Ernest Vincent (b), Martial Bigaud (congas), Michel Blaise (dr), Albert Leuisnk (tpt), Phil Stöckli (ts, ss), Neal Pawley (tbn)com Meyer Lustenberger (Anwaltskanzlei, Zurich, 2008) Compilation of songs and recordings of Phil Stöckli with different bands.

1. Gee, baby, ain’t I god to you?*

2. King Neptune

3. Colibri

4. Timeless tale

5. The horizon

6. Third eye

7. My one and only love

8. Out of touch

9. Source nature

10. Warm valley

11. Moment’s joy

12. Xubileau*

11. * previously unreleased Dani Felber Big Band (Dani Felber Music Entertainment, 2009) “More than just friends” Dani Felber (tpt, flh) Andrea Toffanelli, Rich Laughlin, André Carol, Gabriel Keogh (tpt) René Mosele, Andreas Tschopp, Uli Binetsch, Fabian Beck (tbn) Dave Feusi, Jonas Knecht, Pius Baumgartner, Phil Stöckli, Michal Lutzeier (saxes) Bernd Hess (g), Götz Arens (p), Dave Mäder (b), Ole Seimetz (dr) 1. Four Five Six (Foster) 2. More than just friends (Felber) 3. Easin it (Foster) 4. Pink Bossa (Felber) 5. Discommotion (Foster) 6. Sinas dream (Felber) 7. Who, me? (Foster) 8. My first solo (Felber) 9. Blues Hoss’ flat (Foster) 10. Jörg on the road (Felber) 11. Ready, now you are G.B. (Foster) 12. Shiny stockings (Foster) “Uncompressed World, Vol. V” (Acoustic Arts Audiophile Recordings, 2015) “Audiophile Saxophone” 1. Dirk Blumlein Terzett - Trees 2. Cologne Saxophone Quintet - Sie Sieht Mich Nicht 3. Meike Goosmann Quintet - I Wanna Play 4. David Friedman / Peter Weniger - O Grande Amor 5. Phil Stockli Quintet - Source Nature 6. Charlie Mariano - Naima 7. Martin Ehlers Trio feat. Herb Geller - Reunion 8. Tain et al / Christian Korthals - Echo From The Past 9. Torsten Kamps - Bossa Cuarenta Y Tres 10. Michael Kiedaisch - Zerbechlich 11. Joerg Reiter / Klaus Graf - Eternity 12. Andre Cimiotti - Breeze Of Home 13. Initiative H.  - The Way Of The Sun 14. Klaus Graf Quartett - Far And Near 15. Fred Hormain - Temporary Universe modo. Nulla adipisicing non fugiat nulla aliqua. Officia sit tempor sint sed ipsum ut esse ad laboris tempor. Excepteur id non sunt sed eu magna lorem, dolore do nulla proident.
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